How to Extend WiFi to My Detached Garage?

No matter whether you use the detached garage as a workshop, office, or recreational area, expanding your WiFi to a detached garage can enhance your connectivity and productivity. An effective solution to do that is to perform Netgear WiFi extender setup. This blog will guide you through the steps to extend your WiFi signal to […]

Why is My Netgear Extender Green but No Internet is There?

The popularity of Netgear WiFi extenders is so much that you can see them installed in every second house of the continent. But, some users experience issues while using their extenders. One such common issue is the Netgear extender green but no internet. In case you are experiencing the same problem, give this blog post […]

My Phone Won’t Connect to WiFi Extender. What Should I Do?

Mobile phones are the widely used gadgets across the world. You can connect them to internet either via cellular data or using a WiFi connection. This blog will help you fix the problem when your phone won’t connect to WiFi extender. Are you ready for the troubleshooting process? Let’s get started! Why Your Phone won’t […]

How to Retrieve 02 0F B5 MAC Address from WiFi Extender?

Setting up an Access List, also known as ACL or MAC Filtering on a WiFi range extender requires a person to set it up on a router. This is to inform you that the devices connected to the Netgear_EXT network get a virtual MAC address like 02 0F B5 from the extender which is actually […]

Why is My WiFi Extender Not Giving Full Speed? Help!

The WiFi extender not giving full speed is a concern for many. When a user installs a WiFi extender, his/her main aim is to access a lag-free internet connection at higher speed. But, if the extender does not fulfill the desired purpose, it can be disappointing. Considering the same situation, this blog has been penned […]

How to Fix Weak Security on WiFi Extender?

Tried connecting your iPhone to the Netgear extender network but stopped because of the “WiFi extender weak security” error message? Well, that happens with thousands of Netgear extender users these days. The main reason behind this is the selection of an older security protocol. To fix weak security on WiFi extender, one must change this […]

How to Connect WiFi Extender to Linksys Router?

If you are finding it difficult to connect WiFi extender to Linksys router, you can rely on the information given in this post. The first method that you can use to connect your WiFi devices via phone is to use a mobile app. Since we are going to take the example of a Netgear extender […]

Is Your WiFi Extender Heating Up? Let’s Fix It!

WiFi extenders are the most unacknowledged devices that work 24×7 to provide unlimited internet access to users. Due to continuous working, they can overheat that can lead to sluggish internet connection. Keeping this in mind, we have penned down this blog that will let you understand what to do if your WiFi extender is heating […]

How Do I Connect WiFi Extender with Google Nest WiFi Router?

Google Nest is a mesh WiFi router that comes with two access points. So, some people find it difficult to connect WiFi extender with Google Nest WiFi. Most WiFi range extenders like those from Netgear are universally compatible. In other words, such WiFi extenders can work with all kinds of WiFi router. This blog will […]

How to Set Up Netgear WAX204, Update Firmware and Reset It?

An access point is generally a device that picks up wired signal from the host (modem or router) and converts them into wireless ones so that you can connect WiFi devices to the internet. Netgear WAX204 is one such dual-band access point. To make the most of it, you have to complete Netgear access point […]

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