TP Link Extender Setup

Are you facing issues while doing TP Link extender setup? Well, you are not alone facing problems while doing TP-link WiFi extender setup. Many users approach us to get a fix for the TP Link setup issues. So, to make all the process easier for you, we’ve come with this piece of writing. Here, on this page, we are going to list various methods on how to setup TP Link extender and troubleshooting tips to get rid of TP Link WiFi extender setup issues. Let’s get started!

How to Setup TP Link Extender Using WPS?

Using the WPS button is the best method one can use for doing TP-link extender setup. However, for this, your router must also support the availability of the WPS button.

  • Power up your TP Link extender by plugging it into a wall socket that is offering a sufficient and fluctuation-free power supply.
  • Once done press the WPS button on your  extender.
  • That’s it! This is how to setup TP Link extender using WPS button.

You are, now, all set to enjoy internet on all your devices.

TP-Link Extender Setup Using WPS

How to Setup TP Link Extender Using Manual Method?

Users can easily perform TP-link extender setup using the web GUI of their extenders. Here’s how to setup TP Link extender via web address:

TP Link Extender Setup Using Manual Method
  • Unwrap your TP Link extender.
  • Place it in the same room where your home WiFi router is already configured.
  • Done? Now connect both the devices using an Ethernet cable.
    Quick Tip: Although you can connect both the devices using a wireless source, doing so can sometimes create issues while executing TP-link WiFi extender setup process. Therefore, it would be better if you can opt for the wired connection.
  • Plug in your TP Link extender to a power socket and set the power button to the On position.
  • Get access to your computer and open a web browser on it.
  • Type the default web address tplinkrepeater net into the URL field of the web browser and press the Enter key.
  • Login page of your device will appear.
  • Fill in the default username and password, and click Login.
  • You will now land on the TP Link setup wizard.
  • Select the Quick Setup option and then hit the Next button to proceed further.
  • You might be asked to select your Region.
  • So, do the same and click Next.
  • Your TP Link extender will search for all the WiFi networks available around.
  • So, enter the desired information into the given field and click Next.
  • Certain on-screen instructions will reveal. Follow all of them till you get yourself to the Finish option.
  • Now, relocate your TP Link extender and connect your client devices to its network.

With that you will be able to complete the TP Link extender setup process using the manual method.

TP-link Extender Setup as Access Point

Walk through the steps given below to learn how to setup TP Link extender as an access point. Let’s get started:

  1. Log in to your TP Link range extender by accessing the default web address and entering the login details into their respective fields.
  2. As soon as you find yourself on the TP Link extender setup wizard, click Mode.
  3. Under the same, select Access Point option and hit Save.
  4. With that, your TP Link extender will switch to AP mode.
  5. Now, again log in to your extender after connecting it your home WiFi router with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  6. Navigate to Settings > Wireless Settings.
  7. You will get option to change the WiFi settings of your device.
  8. If needed, make changes to the login details of your device and proceed further by clicking Finish.
TP-link Extender Setup as Access Point

This will complete the process of setting up your TP Link extender as an access point.

Can’t Perform TP-Link WiFi Extender Setup?

Despite being the leader in WiFi industry, a TP Link WiFi extender is prone to various issues. And one of the most common is – Unable to perform TP-Link extender setup.

Can’t Do TP-Link Extender Login

If you are also facing issues while doing TP Link extender setup, then below is the breakdown of the most common reasons preventing you from getting success with the TP Link setup process:

  • Your TP Link extender is having some technical issues.
  • Cable connections between your router and extender are not proper.
  • You’re not having access to proper internet.
  • The web browser used for doing TP Link setup is outdated.
  • There are typing mistakes in the default web address.
  • Login details used by you for TP Link extender setup are not up-to-the-mark.
  • Your extender is getting WiFi interference.

As you have now get acquainted with the possible reasons stopping you from doing TP-link extender setup, let’s have a check on the tips to fix the issue at hand.

Troubleshoot TP-link WiFi Extender Setup Issues

1. Reboot Your Extender

First and foremost, reboot your extender for fixing the TP-link WiFi extender setup issues. For this, simply disconnect your range extender from all the connected devices, unplug it from its wall socket, let the power socket of your extender have rest for some time, plug it back into its socket and turn the power button. Once done, try to configure your TP Link extender and see if you can get success.

2. Cross-check Cable Connections

TP-Link WiFi extender setup issues can also occur if you have not connected your devices in a proper manner. Or, the cable connecting your router and extender is worn out. Thus, have a check on your cable and if it is having cuts, then consider replacing it with a new one in an instant.

3. Check Internet Access

Ping your router to see if it is getting proper internet from your Internet Service Provider. If the problem is from the end of your ISP, then ask him to get the issue fixed for you. Also, confirm you are having access to enough data cap. Just in case your internet is going to end soon then keep in mind to renew it.

4. Update Your Web Browser

Another hack you can try to fix the TP Link WiFi extender setup issues is to update your internet browser to the latest software version. Also, before accessing the default address of your TP Link extender, wipe off the cache and cookies from your web browser. This will certainly help you fix TP Link setup issues.

5. Verify Web Address

Are you sure the web address used by you for accessing the TP Link WiFi extender setup wizard is correct? If not, cross-check it now. Keep in mind that a single typing mistake in the entrée of the default web address of TP Link extender can make you experience TP-link WiFi extender setup issues. Also, if the default web address is not allowing you to do TP Link setup, then consider using default web address as an alternate.

6. Check Login Credentials

Users can complete the TP Link extender setup only with the use of right login details. For the first-time installation of the device, you need to use the default username and password. If you are not aware of the login details of your extender, then have a check on the TP Link extender manual.

7. Keep WiFi Interference Away

You may get into the mess of TP Link WiFi extender setup issues if your TP Link extender is placed near appliances or things causing WiFi interference. Therefore, always keep your extender away from things like microwave ovens, fish tanks, aluminum studs, cellular phones, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, metal appliances, refrigerators, etc.

With the implementation of all these hacks, you likely be able to fix TP Link WiFi extender setup issues.

What to do if fail to Setup TP Link Extender?

If you have already tried the above listed troubleshooting tips, but still can’t complete the TP Link extender setup process, then check the following advanced troubleshooting tips:

  1. Place your TP Link extender at least 2 meters away from the main router.
  2. Make sure you have not enabled any security settings on your WiFi device like Access Control or MAC Filtering.
  3. Temporarily disable apps like Antivirus, Ad-blocker, and Firewall (If installed on your device).
  4. Make sure the device that is being used by you for doing TP Link WiFi extender setup is not infected with any viruses or malicious content.
  5. You perhaps are not following proper steps to do TP Link setup. So, check the sections above and learn how to setup TP Link extender.
If fail to TP Link Extender Setup

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